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Sarasas Witead Chiang Mai School promotes knowledge, thinking skills, it develops capabilities, morality, good interpersonal relationships with others, responsibility, We encourage students to be a good member of the family, community, society and to the country. We also motivate our students to judge with reason and analyze, to have background knowledge in English, and to know how to live with other nationalities harmoniously. The following is our guide does our daily work ethics:


-We provide a teaching environment wherein students can gain knowledge and happiness while learning.

-Thai and English handwriting should be neat and beautiful, proper and swift.

-Thai language reading agilities should be precise, and the student should hold the book in a proper way. For English language reading abilities, students should be able to read with the arrest intonation just like a active speaker.

-We provide exercises after school to reinforce the subjects with a parallel approach.

- Students who graduate in Primary and secondary should be able to play of least one type of musical instrument.


-Before classes in the morning, songs with morals are played for students to listen to.

-Leg exercises in between classes are administered.

-Complying with disciplinary methods at all time.

-Students are developed to have varied abilities and encouraged to perform to the best ot their capacity

-When joining the Boy/Girl Air scouts camp, Sarasas Affiliated Schools policy should be complied will.

-Students practice and develop in the sports they enjoy the most.

School Buildings and Premises

-School Safety Zone

-Opening and closing of school gates is according to the designated times.

-Use of electricity at night time in classrooms, school buildings or playgrounds is of necessity only.

-All students should to home before 5:30 p.m.

-Classrooms should always be clean and tidy. Desks and chairs should be in order.

- School area should always be well looked after, plants and trees should be attractive all the time, and the over all at morpheme should entourage students to have a desire to want to learn all the time.

-Durability, strength and safety of toys.

-Students are emerged to help save water and electricity. They are advised how to value water and electricity by helping to conserve.

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  1. To provide activities that impart good mural values.
  2. To provide and create activities which can make our students realize, love and be proud of being. Thai, Exercise, and follow democratic values and recognize the King as Head of the constitutional monarchy
  3. To develop proper discipline and better working studying routines for our students. For them to know and respect their obligations and duties at School, home and with their fellow peers. To teach them to be strong leaders and respectful followers.
  4. To develop our students to know how to evaluate and advance their potential. To be proud of themselves and accept others differences. For them to love all and acquire knowledge all the time.
  5. To provide varied learning settings for our students to discover their own talents and cognition. To have them think, analyze, observe, solve problems and enhance their perception and insight to the fullest.
  6. To develop teaching strategies that suit the needs of our students enabling them to participate in creative challengingactivities through actual input until they can ascertain their own talents and abilities.
  7. To develop our students knowledge in the preached use to the English language via any form of communication and as a tool for searching and gaining Understanding of current affairs.
  8. Practice proper use of information and technology and the use of the English language as means of communication in acquiring awareness and knowledge.
  9. To support in creating creating activities that suits the needs and interests of our students. For them to gain extra knowledge especially in Music, Arts and Physical Education.
  10. To support in bringing about activities that encourages students to exercise and to have a good personality. To support students and staff to help serve and develop the community and create a positive enviroment.

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Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop self esteem and self discipline. Respect and obey the teaching of Buddhism or any religion you believe, and to establish a strong moral character.
  2. Possess divergent thinking skills, and have an enthusiasm for reading and writing and a passion for gaining more knowledge.
  3. Have global knowledge Advance knowledge to improve the growth of technology. Possess, skills and abilities in management, communication and technology use. Ability to change his/her thinking and working methods in appropriate situations.
  4. Have the skill and capacity and to think, especially in the fields of Mathematics and Science and demonstrate thinking, wisdom and life skills.
  5. Love to exercise, take good cave of himself/herself in a health conscious way.
  6. Be an effective producer and consumer. To be a producer is more valuable then being a consumer.
  7. Understand Thai history, and be proud to be Thai. Be a good citizen in the countryof Thailand, practice democracy and respect the Royal Family.
  8. Know the value of preserving the Thai language, arts, culture festival, sports, traditions, natural resources and conserving the environment.
  9. Love their country and community, and have a position influence on others.
  10. Have the capability to use English for communication and technology.


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Desirable Characteristics

1. Love of Nation,Religion and Monarchy.

* Able to exerise democreacy

* Able to love his/her nation,religion and the royal family.

2. Honesty and Integrity.

* Be honest to yourself and to others.

* Has good attutude towards a jobs.

3. Discipline.

* Has self-discipline also towards the society.

* Has responsibility towards his/herself and to others.

* Breve to show truth.

4. Putting all effort towards studies.

* Able to gain knowledge from different with reason.

* Love to read and research for more information.

* Able to develop his/her creative thinking ability from time to tine.

5. Live sufficiently.

* Know how to save and be thrifty.

* Knows how to take good care of school properties.

6. Determination to work.

* Be conistent in self-development.

* Possesses self-development and towards to others.

* Works efficiently.

7. Proud to be Thai.

* Beine a role model to others.

* Hnows how to value Thai culture and traditions.

8. Kind-Hearted.

* Willing to coooerate to others for the benefit of the society.

* Kind-Hearted and willing to help others.

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